Ways to save money

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Ways to save money

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I receive this email from Permies.com and they have so much good info. So much makes sense on that forum. So much info......

"I am convinced that "bad guys" have some very clever things that they and their bots write all over the internet to make damn sure that you keep giving them money. If you are frustrated by their naughty stuff, then the bad guys want you to send emails and letters to politicians, but keep buying their stuff!

At the same time, the solutions presented are weak and usually cost more money.

So let's dig into one problem. Whether you think it is real or not, this is an excellent example of something we can measure.

The average carbon footprint for an american adult is 30 tons per year. I asked google for things I could do and the results were pathetic. They add up to less than 1 ton per year - and those things all stink of sacrifice! The only suggestion that made any real difference was to spend $50,000 on an electric car. But that only cuts 2 tons!

Here is something that can be 100% free: Get half your annual calories from a garden. 5 tons. If you do it in a permaculture way, eventually that food will pop out every year with no effort. If you look at this long term, you saved a lot of trips to the store, you saved a lot of money and you can enjoy food that has no concern about shelf life. More luxury and more money in your pocket. And I didn't make a penny off of you.

To heat the average montana home, the carbon footprint (in tons per year) is:

Electric Baseboard - 29.4
Mini Splits - 18.4
In Ground Heat Pump - 8.4
Central Natural Gas Furnace - 18.3
Central Propane Furnace - 23.4
Pellet Stove - 4.4
Wood Stove - 4.0
modern wood stove - 2.0
Masonry Heater - 0.8
Rocket Mass Heater - 0.4

Rather than turn your thermostat down to 66, put a pinch more wood on and get the temperature up to 76! Ahhh ... luxury! Save big money, make a REAL difference and add luxury.

What about building codes, insurance, installation/installers, fuel, etc.? Mud and I spent a few hundred hours putting together detailed data which andres made into a beautiful infographic:

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Re: Ways to save money

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The whole idea about "carbon footprint" is flawed. They are claiming CO2 that are emitted by human life and way of life to be having a negative impact on the climate. Some questions to start with:
1. Are the scientists that disagree with that statement?
2. Does CO2 produce the greenhouse effect? Do scientists have different opinions on that?
3. Do we experience global warming, global cooling, or increased volatility? Do scientists have different opinions on that?
4. What gasses contribute to the greenhouse effect? What percentage does CO2 contribute? What other gasses are there?
5. What else contributes to CO2 production? What percentage does human input have?
6. Is the greenhouse effect going to be produced by increased CO2 emittion?
7. What measures are created to decrease the human-emitted CO2? Who benefits?
And there are many more. We'll soon find out that there are different opinions among the scientists, the human-related CO2 is insignificant and CO2 is not even leading to the greenhouse effect, and that the measures are designed to simply depopulate, deindustrialize, and increase control over population.
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