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List of educational materials that provide an understanding of the title concepts, history thereof, and provides practical tools of using them.

- The Money Masters part 1 (1996, 3:54hours) - The Rise of The Bankers: (source: and
alternative: ... umentary:5

- The Money Masters part 2 (2009 1:56hours) - The Secret of Oz

- The Still Report channel on Ramble:
on BitChute:
on Odysee:
on CloutHub:

- The Crime of The Canadian Banking System (25min) -

- 12-Year Old Child Reveals One of the Best Kept Secrets in the World (6min)

- Apologies Of An Economic Hitman (1:29hours) -

- Update June 5, 2023: Catherine Austin Fitts: We need a war strategy! ... tin-fitts/
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